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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tooth Fairy

My First graders are loosing their teeth at an epic rate. After reading "Alice the Fairy" by David Shannon ,we decided to make our own tooth fairies.
We used ink pens to draw our fairies, painted them with watercolors, than added our own fairy dust (glitter). They were so excited about the glitter!!


  1. I have this book and thought it would be fun to do an art project based on it. These are Great!! The kids must have loved it! How perfect for 1st graders. I will be pinning. Thanks!

  2. These are SOOOO adorable. I love the crown and the toothless grins. What a great idea.

  3. Thanks They were lots of fun and the glitter is always a big hit!

  4. Maggie, these are great - especially enjoy the toothy smiles!

  5. I saw them in the hallway!! They are so cute there!! :)

  6. We also got this book because my little boy is waiting for his first tooth to come out. My wife and I told him stories about growing up and the tooth fairy. Hehe. It is a wonderful story, especially for growing kids. BTW, nice drawings!

    Harry Bronson