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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Swim Little fishies

Swim Little Fishy

My first graders loved making clay fish.

They used a pin tool to carefully cut out the shape of their fish. They cleaned off the "clay boogers" by dipping their fingers in water and tracing the outline of the fish with the wet finger. We used additive techniques to add the eye and a stripe that divided the head from the body. We use old tooth brushes to scratch and score the clay and add the slip. To add the texture they use the eraser end of pencils for polka dots and craft sticks for the scales.

For the glaze I had them use Stroke and Coat. I placed one color and 4 brushes at each table. I have 6 tables in my room each one is a primary or secondary color. I let the students carry their fish from one table to another to glaze their fish. If one table was full they could move to another "glazing station" and paint a different color and then go back when there was an open spot at the "glazing station" .

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  1. Great idea about placing a different color glaze on each table. Never thought of that and I suspect it would help keep the underglaze colors clean. Thanks for the tip!