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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yarn Bowls

My 5th graders are working on their Yarn Bowl project. Many of my students have really gotten into this project and would like to make their own bowls at home.
Coiling Core for Basket Art - 1/4 inch
any kind of yarn they like.
any big embroidery needle that you can get yarn through the eye of the needle.

I also share this video and talk about the Sweet Grass Baskets made in the Gullah region.  We discuss how new technology some times makes old Arts and Crafts techniques obsolete.

Step 1: Hold yarn and cord in between thumb and finger.

Step 2. Wrap yarn around the cord.
 Step 3. Bend end into where you started wrapping the yarn to the cord.

Step 4. Wrap around the end and the cord.

Step 5. Pull the needle through

Step 6. Wrap 5 times then stitch

Hint: Pull tight!

Step 7. Continue wrapping and stitching after you get all the way around you no longer stitch through the middle. You stitch to the closest coil to where you are wrapping.

Step 8. When the base is done put the coils on top of one another until you have made a bowl shape.

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